Washington Park Botanical Garden Engagement: Abigail+John

They both attended the same university, but it wasn’t until after they graduated that their romantic relationship began. John eventually moved up to Springfield and stated his intentions for Abigail and the rest is history. Washington Park was where he popped the question, so naturally it seemed like a great place to take engagement photos. We even took some photos on the very bench the proposal happened. Also, can you tell they are big Old Miss fans? These two made their session fun with their laughter, smiles and kisses and I am really looking forward to their wedding this upcoming December!abigailjohn-008abigailjohn-027-lowres1abigailjohn-302-lowresabigailjohn-212-lowresabigailjohn-208-lowres3abigailjohn-104-lowresabigailjohn-066-lowresabigailjohn-251-lowresabigailjohn-266-lowresabigailjohn-418-lowres2abigailjohn-349-lowresabigailjohn-352-lowresabigailjohn-363-lowres

Mapleside Farms: Kaitlyn&Zak {Illinois Wedding Photographer}

Incredible blue skies and a beautiful venue set the backdrop for Kaitlyn and Zak’s wedding day. Kaitlyn was as calm as a bride could be and Zak provided the comedic relief for the day. Between the two of them and their wonderful wedding party, they made the day pure fun. I even called the groom by the wrong name several times and he was gracious enough to laugh it off every time.  I loved getting to photograph the details of this day. Watching the sun go down over Mapleside Farms as the dancing began was breathtaking and somehow the dance floor stayed busy all night thanks to Jesse Webb Entertainment. Driving away at the end of the night with the barn still full of light and line dancing party-goers put a smile on my face. This wedding day was one of my favorites by far. K+ZWed-146-lowresK+ZWed-949-lowres13K+ZWed-227-lowres24K+ZWed-280-lowresK+ZWed-287-lowres5K+ZWed-882K+ZWed-873-lowresK+ZWed-951-lowresK+ZWed-902K+ZWed-1191-lowresK+ZWed-1263-lowresK+ZWed-1276-lowresK+ZWed-1311-lowresK+ZWed-1488-lowres6K+ZWed-593-lowresK+ZWed-396K+ZWed-413-lowresK+ZWed-432-lowresK+ZWed-1446-lowres7K+ZWed-1025-lowresK+ZWed-1048-lowres8K+ZWed-2010-lowresK+ZWed-2025-lowresK+ZWed-2013-lowresK+ZWed-2011-lowres9K+ZWed-2428K+ZWed-1728-lowresK+ZWed-2637K+ZWed-1731-lowresK+ZWed-2571K+ZWed-2607K+ZWed-2736K+ZWed-2772K+ZWed-2802

Christ Community Chapel Wedding: Adam+Brittany

I met Brittany last summer when she was a bridesmaid in a wedding I was photographing.  She is just one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.  Seriously!  This summer I got a text from her saying she was getting married and I was so excited for her.  I had no idea who she was engaged to, but when I found out I immediately said a prayer thanking God for bringing this sweet woman, who I barely knew, into the lives of 4 people I didn’t know at all.  You see, Adam and his three girls had a hard year of loss last year and he and his family were lifted up in prayer many times during a bible study I was part of.  So when I realized that Brittany was becoming part of this family I had been praying for, I was full of emotion.  God’s Providence is so evident in their story and I love being reminded that even through some of the toughest times of our lives, God is still there holding us, seeing our past, present and future all at the same time.  Their wedding day was full of joy and it was so much fun to witness it all.  They are surrounded by an incredible support system in their family and friends and I saw that all day long.  Best wishes to this beautiful couple and all the fun memories they are going to make as a family of five!



I had to include these next few pictures of Brittany and her Dad.  When he saw her for the first time, his emotions were priceless.  Loved this.




And don’t even get me started on sweet Paige’s solo performance…just beautiful.