Oh Christmas Tree

This year I wanted to do things as simple as possible and I was thinking we weren’t going to get a tree. But when we got home from Thanksgiving, we all agreed we needed one. I sent a picture of our tree to my mom today and she told me I’m so predictable. She knew all along I was just talk. Most likely she knows me better than I know myself:)

In past years we have gone to Lowes. We walk up and down the three or four aisles of trees until my husband just gives in me gets the tree I want. Seldom do we agree on Christmas trees;) This year I wanted the experience and today was really a pretty gorgeous day, so we tried out Shawnee Trail Tree Farm in Hudson, Ohio. We knew it was the place to be when we drove up to a completely full parking lot. In the first five minutes we found a tree that the hubby and I immediately agreed upon and then had fun perusing the rest of the time. Bonus,we ran into good friends who offered to take a picture of the four of us!

I’m sold. A tree farm is the way to go! And now that I finished all my Christmas shopping on the way home from Illinois (thank you, Amazon) and our tree is up, I’m ready to enjoy all the fun activities of the season with people I truly love.

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree…



Backyard Birthday Party: Elise is 7

My sweet girl turned 7 years old on June 19 and we had such a great day celebrating her.  Our kids know they get a birthday party with friends every other year and Elise was more than ready for her turn.  Between friends she has been with since birth, church friends and school friends, she is surrounded by some of the sweetest girls. When I tucked Elise into bed later that night I asked her how her birthday was.  She responded with, “The best day EVER!” Nothing could have made my heart happier.


Our First Decade Together

This morning I woke up picturing how I woke up on our wedding day with the sun shining through the window and excited to marry my best friend. Today I am even more excited to be married to this man and I understand what it means even more to call him my best friend. God has brought us a long way in 10 years of marriage and I look forward to where he takes us in this next decade of life together.

We are heading to California next week for our first kid-free vacation to celebrate our anniversary!  If you want to follow our trip from L.A. to San Francisco, I post most of our life on Instagram (@jenclaytor) these days, so follow along if you want:)


Jeremy at Six-Months


I just can’t even begin to describe how photographing this little boy made me feel.  His cheeks, that smile, those beautiful eyes…and don’t even get me started on those leg rolls! I miss this stage.  I really do, but I am so thankful I can get a little bit of my baby fix through these sessions.



This next picture kills me.  So mature and so tiny all at the same time.  He should have a pad of paper, a pen and some spectacles.




And what little boy wouldn’t think its hilarious to punch his daddy in the face?   I love the pure joy on all of their faces.


Dinosaurs in the Woods {Happy 3rd Birthday, Nolan!}



I can’t think of a better way to capture you at this stage in your life, Nolan.  You are growing up so quickly, but you refuse to grow up too much;)  I love experiencing boyhood alongside you and watching your interest in things (especially dinosaurs) grow.  What a privilege it is to be parents to such an incredibly sweet boy.  Happy Birthday, buddy!  We are so proud of you!


Mom and Dad