Newborn Days {A Lifestyle Newborn Session}: Clare

Newborn Days…

Snuggles and coos, swaddled in soft, pretty blankets.

Skin smooth as silk,

Intoxicating new baby smells.

Tiny fingers and toes,

One perfect little nose.

Awake, asleep, awake, asleep.

Rocking, shushing, kissing, hugging,

Feeding, burping, changing.

These tender moments go so fast.

Hold on, take every second in.

Close your eyes, hold that little one tight;

Take a deep breath and begin it all again.


Aurora, Ohio Lifestyle Newborn Session: Elliott

This session is why I love lifestyle photography so much.  Elliott was sound asleep in his momma’s arms when I arrived.  After a few family pictures I thought we were safe to go in and put our focus just on Elliott.  Well, he was just not having it.  Anytime he was put down, he would wiggle and cry and when mom would pick him back up, he would snuggle in and be right back to sleep.  His mom even fed him a couple more times throughout our session to try and calm him down, but as soon as he was laid down, he was not happy.  I love this because I have a snuggly boy of my own and I’m pretty sure I don’t have many pictures of him just snuggling into me because I was always the one taking the pictures.  We may not have gotten the most perfect curled up pose with his baby bum in the air, but that is okay because this is their story…an energetic big sister who sings and dances loudly all over the house, yet gentle and caring when she gets to hold her brother, and a sweet little nugget who just wants to be held and feel safe in his momma’s arms.  Nothing is more precious to me to capture.


Akron, Ohio Newborn Session: Baby Jake

I’m so thankful for newborn sessions and the chance to get my baby fix:)  Jake is a such a sweetheart and it was clear his mommy and daddy love him so much.  They were so joyful and excited and I just loved hearing them gush over their baby boy the entire session.


Bringing Home Baby Brothers: Grant and Miles

The beginning of their lives may have been spent in the NICU for many weeks, but now they are home and this family is trying to find some normalcy again.  I know their momma is still figuring it all out, but she seemed to nearly have it mastered.  Juggling two tiny ones and a big 3 (almost 4) year-old brother cannot be easy, but Karen managed it all with so much grace.  She has a pretty great helper in her husband and together they worked to try and keep everyone happy, but even between the cries and the laughter they seemed to just enjoy being right where they were (are).  g+m(newborn)-048g+m(newborn)-050g+m(newborn)-052g+m(newborn)-060g+m(newborn)-053g+m(newborn)-063g+m(newborn)-025g+m(newborn)-028g+m(newborn)-041g+m(newborn)-070g+m(newborn)-285g+m(newborn)-020g+m(newborn)-010g+m(newborn)-006g+m(newborn)-069g+m(newborn)-082g+m(newborn)-100g+m(newborn)-106g+m(newborn)-119

Hudson Ohio Newborn Session: Elina

This sweet newborn not only has parents who love her an incredible amount, but also a pretty proud big sister who loves to help take care of her.  We sat around and talked through numerous feedings 😉  and had fun getting to know each other.  Relaxed in the comfort of their home, I had a wonderful time getting a glimpse into the life of this wonderful family.  Many sweet blessings!  ~Jen


Levi Matthew {The Miracle Baby}


She went into labor one month early, but complications arose and she had to have an emergency c-section.  Levi was born on April 1, 2014.  At some point little Levi did not receive oxygen to his brain; and even though he was born with a heart beat, he needed a ventilator to help him breath most of the time.  The doctors prepared Kate and Tim for the worst and they were told that Levi probably wouldn’t survive.  He was put in a cooling cap to help his brain heal.  Through this whirlwind of tough news, Kate and Tim knew that prayer could change things and as soon as people found out, they were surrounded by hundreds of prayer warriors petitioning for Levi’s survival.  In a matter of two days they were told that a full recovery was now possible! Even with so much uncertainty in their own lives, they began asking everyone to also pray for other babies and families in the hospital with them. Their rock solid faith shined so bright as they counted their blessings, shared scripture and shared God’s love with those around them. God has a perfect plan for this little guy and it started the moment he was intricately formed in his Kate’s womb.  No matter what the outcome could have been for Levi and what is in store for his life, we know that “You, O Lord, are a God merciful and graciousslow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.” {Psalm 86:15}  I’m so thankful prayers for Levi’s survival were answered.  On Thursday, April 17th 2014, this family was rejoicing in the news that they could take Levi home.  Thank you, God, for this miracle baby!

Enjoy this video of his family preparing to take Levi home.


Little Leo {Northeast Ohio Newborn Photographer}



I can’t even begin to describe the joy these pictures bring me.  It doesn’t matter how many newborn sessions I do, they all bring back the best memories of my life.  Those new baby smells, coos and facial expressions….(ahhhh!) they are absolutely incredible!  Leo is such a handsome little boy and getting to capture the complete love his parents have for him was amazing.  Love. Love. Love.


Baby Cameron



Newborn session are always a little different when the baby is the second child.  Life is a little more chaotic because there is not only one child to gaze upon while she is sleeping and tend to when she is crying.  I love these sessions because I understand and I know exactly how the parents feel in this incredibly exhausting and emotionally exhilarating time.  But rest assured it is all worth it when you look at your sweet little blessings through your tired eyes from those sleepless nights and exhausting (most-times monotonous) days. Because seriously, more than anything, they teach you to love more than you ever thought you could and can grow in you a patience you never imagined you would need.


Newborn Baby Holden

Such a swaddled, little bundle of joy–Holden is just PRECIOUS. Big sister did not want to give up her time with mommy and daddy, but when she got to hold her new little brother, I watched her grew up a little bit.  I got to witness something so special.  And having a little girl and boy myself, I know that special bond these two are going to share.  Such sweet blessings.2221232417181920144532125679121011131516baby