Mapleside Farms Wedding: Kristen+Billy

Kristen and Billy’s wedding day was relaxed and fun just like the two of the them. Though the skies were clear, their wedding just happened to take place on one of the coldest and windiest days we have had in Northeast Ohio so far. Despite the chill in the air, the events of the day were beautiful.

Kristen got her hair and make-up done at Studio Palmieri in downtown Cleveland and then headed over to Metropolitan Hotel at The 9 to finish getting ready. When I walked into her hotel room and saw her dress and SHOES I was so excited. And then I saw a lovely red chair sitting in front of huge windows and I could not wait to photograph Kristen in that chair.1K+Bwed-035-lowres2K+Bwed-082-lowres3K+Bwed-173-lowres

Kristen and Billy didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony but wanted to get some pictures together in the vault  before heading to Mapleside. 4K+Bwed-184-lowres

I seriously love the new trend of colored shoes with a white wedding dress. K+Bwed-187-lowresCold weather does not stop people in the area from getting out and enjoying fun fall activities. Mapleside Farms was crawling with people, but inside the lodge, these two were able to have and intimate and cozy ceremony and reception. 5K+Bwed-301-lowres6K+Bwed-353-lowres

This bride was a trooper! She had everyone head outside for pictures and didn’t complain once as we swapped family and bridal party members in and out for pictures with her and the groom. The wind was CRAZY and ladies and gents alike had hair flying around in their faces, but you really just can’t get married at Mapleside and not take advantage of their picturesque setting. K+Bwed-476-lowres7K+Bwed-499-lowresK+Bwed-461-lowresK+Bwed-508-lowresK+Bwed-1520-lowres8We warmed up for a few minutes and then it was time to get the party started. This was my first cake pop wedding cake and those cake pops were absolutely some of THE best cake I have ever tasted. The lodge was decorated beautifully and the evening was a blast. Every person seemed to be in party mode and was ready for a good time. The dance floor was hoppin’ and it was fun to feel all the energy in the room. K+Bwed-823-lowresK+Bwed-867-lowresK+Bwed-917-lowres9K+Bwed-1603-lowresK+Bwed-1063-lowresK+Bwed-1237-lowresK+Bwed-1430-lowresK+Bwed-1722-lowresK+Bwed-1692-lowresK+Bwed-1854-lowresK+Bwed-1788-lowres

Congratulations, Kristen and Billy! Thank you for trusting us to capture such and important day in your lives. Many blessings to you both in your life together.

A Wedding at Landerhaven: Justin+Lindsey

10.09.2015 was a cold, wet day, but it was made beautiful by smiles, laughter and fun shared at Justin and Lindsey’s wedding. The girls got ready at Lindsey’s parent’s house and their yard provided the perfect fall backdrop for some photos. 1L+Jwed-1152-lowresWhen it came time to put Lindsey’s dress on for pictures, she discovered the ribbon needed to lace up the back of her dress was missing! Her sister came to the rescue with a white shoe string. The shoestring worked perfectly and allowed us to get some photos while waiting for the ribbon to arrive from the dress shop. I loved how chill Lindsey was about all of it. 2L+Jwed-1229-lowresMeanwhile, the guys were just hanging out at Justin’s house and getting ready moments before it was time to head to Ursuline College for the bride and groom’s first look.


We couldn’t have been more lucky because moments after the above image was taken, we all piled in cars to head to the ceremony and as we drove away the rain started pouring down. Thankfully the rain didn’t last too long. As we arrived at Landerhaven it started to slow down just in time for the ceremony.


The reception was beautiful and when we took off everyone was dancing the night away. We had such a fun day working with an amazing couple and their wonderful friends and family. Congratulations, Lindsey and Justin and blessings for a long and happy life together!

Our Lady of Peace Wedding: Kara+Andrew

Kara and Andrew’s wedding day was full of one special moment after another, so narrowing down images to tell the story of their day was extremely hard. The moment Kara’s dad saw her in her dress for the first time was priceless and so fun to witness and I loved capturing everyone’s reactions. The weather that day was incredibly rainy, but for some reason the sky cleared up every time we needed to go outside for pictures. Immediately after taking pictures on the patio at Kara’s parents house the rain started pouring down.  During the ceremony the thunder boomed and the buckets of rain came down, but five minutes later when it was time for the processional, the sun came out and from then on the rain was not an issue. Once the reception started the party began! Kara and Andrew hired the best DJ I have ever experienced because he had the guests dancing and partying before the festivities even began and the fun continued throughout the entire night. I loved their tradition of family and friends singing the couple a song while they cut their cake. And from then on it was pure entertainment to watch all of the dancing and let me tell you, the bride and groom had some serious dance moves:) Kara and Andrew, I wish you all the best in this life together!


Brookside Farms Wedding: Katie+Dan

Katie and Dan are just a blast to be around. These two seem to be up for anything, so much that they willingly jumped into a lake for their engagement session. Their wedding day was no different. I arrived to Brookside Farms in pouring down rain, only to find one very happy bride who was not letting the rain affect the mood of the day at all. She told me she had umbrellas and was ready to get pictures rain or shine. Katie and Dan’s wedding gave me an idea of who they were as individuals and as a couple as everyone smiled and laughed from beginning to end. I saw happiness and I too had a smile on my face all day. From meaningful, yet hilarious wedding vows, a dancing processional, to smashing cake into the best man and master of honor’s face during cake cutting, they were true to themselves and what makes them special. This wedding was a true celebration from beginning to end; and wouldn’t you know the rain stopped just in time to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Congratulations, Katie and Dan, it was such a joy to capture your day!

Vendor Credits:

Venue: Brookside Farms

Florist: Twigs and Twine

Caterer: Ivan’s Diner

Cake Artist: Johnnie’s Pastry Shop


Our First Decade Together

This morning I woke up picturing how I woke up on our wedding day with the sun shining through the window and excited to marry my best friend. Today I am even more excited to be married to this man and I understand what it means even more to call him my best friend. God has brought us a long way in 10 years of marriage and I look forward to where he takes us in this next decade of life together.

We are heading to California next week for our first kid-free vacation to celebrate our anniversary!  If you want to follow our trip from L.A. to San Francisco, I post most of our life on Instagram (@jenclaytor) these days, so follow along if you want:)


Lake Forest Country Club: Jennifer’s 40th Birthday Surprise

What a pleasure it was to photograph this special 40th birthday party. Jennifer knew a party was being planned by her husband Mark, but some of it was a surprise to her. I think the moment she walked into a room full of close family and friends singing, “Happy Birthday” was a memory she won’t forget.  Jennifer has been battling cancer for a couple years, but the celebration of her life was something incredibly special.  She spoke about her faith in God in such a confident and assured way and friends and family attested to her faith in everything they had to say about her. It was very clear to me that she is a light to those around her and I pray that God continuous to fill her with a tremendous amount of peace, joy and hope. Happy Belated 40th Birthday, Jennifer!


Willowdale Lake Country Club Engagement: Katie+Dan Engagement

They grew up in the same town and even though he was friends with her neighbor, they did not know each other. He was two years behind her in school and they just never crossed paths. It wasn’t until they met in college at Ohio State University that their love story started. Now this kindergarten teacher and civil engineer are getting married in less than a month.  We met at her parent’s house and I got a tour of the little community around Willowdale Lake that she grew up in. We even ended our time together (well, they did 😉 with a splash in the lake off of her grandparent’s dock. I’m looking forward to photographing this laid-back, fun-loving, risk-taking couple’s big day on June 20th, 2015.


The Bertram Inn Wedding: Gabe + Kristyn

When I arrived to get a few pictures of the guys getting ready, I had no idea what I was walking into.  Never have I seen men struggle so much to tie a tie.  But in their defense, I have never actually witnessed anyone tying a bow tie before.  I thought it was going to be a quick visit, snapping a few pictures of them adjusting ties and hanging out, but once they starting air playing instructional youtube videos, I knew I had another thing coming.  I loved it.  This was so entertaining to watch!  Forty minutes later, just about everyone was set!  I headed to the Bertram Inn to hang out with the ladies getting ready and the rest of the day was just as fun as the beginning.  Kristyn was the most laid-back bride I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  From Kristyn’s sweet personality to happy tears from the groom and everyone around this couple all day, it was just a pleasure to capture it all.  Congratulations, Gabe and Kristyn!   ~Jen


Allardale Park Wedding: Joe + Tess

From getting ready at her aunt’s picturesque house to the ceremony and reception at Allardale Park, Tess had every detail perfectly planned out for her wedding.  She thought of every little thing, including fun surprise signs for her daughter’s to hold coming down the aisle.  I love the 1920’s styled theme she chose and how her dress went along perfectly with it all.  Tess was gorgeous and her daughters were just as beautiful with their beaming smiles all day long.  It was clear that they were very excited for this day and they were having a ball.  Tess and Joe are clearly loved and supported by some amazing friends, as so many people travelled all the way from Florida with them to celebrate this day.  Tess, thank you so much for asking me to capture your day and I wish you, Joe, and your amazing daughters all the best in this life together.  ~Jen

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Burton, Ohio Wedding: Tim + Kayla


I don’t think I even have the write words to describe this couple and do them justice.  Each time I’ve been around them, I’ve been completely at ease.  They are so lovely together. There is something about their love that is simply peaceful.  Besides being incredibly laid-back and down-to-earth, they are generous and incredibly kind.  It was such a joy to be a part of their day and to be surrounded by so many of their wonderful family and friends.  Tim and Kayla, I wish you all the best in your life together.  Congratulations! ~Jen