Cuyahoga Falls Home Birth: Anne Charlotte

Two Saturdays ago I was awoken in the middle of the night to my friend calling to tell me her sister was in labor. I had been looking forward to photographing my first home birth for quite awhile. The next call came at 5am saying I should hurry because they were going to break Bree’s water and it would probably go quickly. When I pulled up to the house I could hear those agonizing cries of labor pains. However, these were not just your normal labor pains, Breanne was already pushing! Her team of supporters began praying over her and just about 5 minutes later Anne Charlotte was born. This was an amazing experience for me and I’m so thankful they allowed me to document it. There are a ton of pictures in this post because I just couldn’t figure out how to tell the whole story without all of these. From the delivery at 5:34am to big brother waking up around 7:30am getting to meet his new little sister, it was a morning full of one beautiful moment after another. 12annechar-055annechar-0853annechar-1756547annechar-33289annechar-441

The Bertram Inn Wedding: Gabe + Kristyn

When I arrived to get a few pictures of the guys getting ready, I had no idea what I was walking into.  Never have I seen men struggle so much to tie a tie.  But in their defense, I have never actually witnessed anyone tying a bow tie before.  I thought it was going to be a quick visit, snapping a few pictures of them adjusting ties and hanging out, but once they starting air playing instructional youtube videos, I knew I had another thing coming.  I loved it.  This was so entertaining to watch!  Forty minutes later, just about everyone was set!  I headed to the Bertram Inn to hang out with the ladies getting ready and the rest of the day was just as fun as the beginning.  Kristyn was the most laid-back bride I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  From Kristyn’s sweet personality to happy tears from the groom and everyone around this couple all day, it was just a pleasure to capture it all.  Congratulations, Gabe and Kristyn!   ~Jen


Rock Island, Illinois Wedding: James + Lydia

What a treat it was for me to be able to photograph James and Lydia’s wedding day.  My husband and I are originally from Illinois and where our family still lives, so when I was asked to photograph this wedding I was thrilled. We were able to spend time with our families and photograph this beautiful couple’s wedding day.  James’ mom was my junior high band director in Pontiac, IL and with my dad taking the high school band director’s position after Jamie’s grandfather retired, well you could say our families have a fun connection and years of musical experiences together:)


Stunning, Lydia!


James and Lydia had a moment together before the ceremony to pray, but not before the bride’s father snapped a picture of his gorgeous daughter.  You could tell all day he was one proud papa.


Lydia left her groom with a little reading material:)


The bride’s father is that pastor at Edgewood Baptist church in Rock Island and had the privilege of being the father of the bride and sharing his ceremony duties with the groom’s uncle.


I don’t know if you have noticed how intently James has been looking at Lydia from the moment she walked down the aisle.  I love it.  You can tell he is serious about his love for this woman.



I mean, look at them!  They are in their own world, now happily married.


We made a quick stop at Lincoln Park to get some outdoor photos.  It was sticky and hot, but it wasn’t raining, so we were good to go!




The day ended with a luncheon reception at the Holiday Inn downtown.  The toasts had us laughing and crying.  Cake cutting was followed by a family tradition of toasting with silver cups and then the dance floor was open.  These two were a joy to watch all day long.  It was evident they took their commitment to one another seriously and that they were so very much in love.  Congratulations, James and Lydia!  Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your incredible day.



Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens Engagement Session: Adam + Brittany

Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens is the perfect location for an engagement session.  I had never been there before, so I was so excited when Brittany told me they were reserving the grounds for their engagement session.  There are so many different gardens and one just led right into another.  I had so much fun walking and talking with Adam and Brittany, learning a little more about them as a couple.  Beautiful day, beautiful setting and such a beautiful couple.


Kent, Ohio Newborn Session: Amelia

So much sweetness in this blog post.  Oh my goodness, little Amelia is just perfect.  Between her sweet, soft cheeks and lips to her big brother’s brilliant blue eyes, my heart could melt.  They are just beautiful creations. Lauren and Dave definitely have their hands full, but I know that no matter how much sleep they may be losing right now, they are enjoying loving on their beautiful kids knowing what true blessings they are:)


Allardale Park Wedding: Joe + Tess

From getting ready at her aunt’s picturesque house to the ceremony and reception at Allardale Park, Tess had every detail perfectly planned out for her wedding.  She thought of every little thing, including fun surprise signs for her daughter’s to hold coming down the aisle.  I love the 1920’s styled theme she chose and how her dress went along perfectly with it all.  Tess was gorgeous and her daughters were just as beautiful with their beaming smiles all day long.  It was clear that they were very excited for this day and they were having a ball.  Tess and Joe are clearly loved and supported by some amazing friends, as so many people travelled all the way from Florida with them to celebrate this day.  Tess, thank you so much for asking me to capture your day and I wish you, Joe, and your amazing daughters all the best in this life together.  ~Jen

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Hudson, Ohio Wedding: Jared + Megan

So far we have had a pretty mild summer, with the exception of a few very hot and humid days.  Jared and Megan just happened to get married on one of those days at the end of June.  Thank goodness the festivities were inside!  Everything was just beautiful.  Megan’s dress felt like it weighed 50 pounds, so it was hard to even hang up, but I’m actually glad because  I love this shot below.  And Megan, you looked so gorgeous in it!


Baumann’s Florist did an incredible job on the flowers.  Just stunning.


Jared, you are just too sweet for words.  I loved watching you all day as you loved on and took care of your bride.


Then we were off to Western Reserve Academy and downtown Hudson for pictures.  We were so very thankful for the shade and the slight cool breezes blowing through.


And of course we have to have a little fun.  Their dancing skills improved from their engagement session ;);)


Then we headed off to the reception!


The Country Club of Hudson was the perfect venue for this couple.


Jared dropped some cake down Megan’s dress, so of course she was going to get him back:)



Congratulations, Jared and Megan!  I loved your wedding, but I loved watching the two of you interact more than anything.  You make such a great team and I wish you all the best.


Alliance Country Club Wedding: Len + Krista

“Blue skies smiling at me. Nothing but blue skies do I see.”  Its hard not to have those lyrics running through my head when I look at these pictures.  Len and Krista had the most perfect day for their wedding!  You really can’t beat 70 degrees and sunny.  We started out at Glamorgan Castle for pictures and what an incredibly beautiful setting it was.


Krista, you are stunning!


I can’t believe I have never seen a bridal bouquet of peonies before.  So gorgeous!


The whole gang showed up for a family picture and then we were off to the Country Club for a beautiful outdoor ceremony. And the view…gorgeous!


The fun continued with a cocktail hour before their dinner reception and I was able to steal the lovely couple away for a few minutes to take some photos on the beautiful golf course.


What a simply beautiful day.  Congratulations, Len and Krista!


Western Reserve Engagement: Brad+Danielle



They made eye contact freshman year of college and he turned to his friend and told him he was going to marry her.  They became best friends early on, but she was not interested in a relationship.  It wasn’t until the end of college when she realized that if he were to marry someone else, she would no longer be able to be his best friend.  And that was all it took.  These two are ridiculously cute together.  I loved listening to their story and how she got to fall in love with his heart first and how he dated others, but was pretty much just waiting on her.  They exude happiness.  I’ve only met them once, but I can’t imagine these two not being together and I can’t wait for their wedding day this December. It is sure to be filled with a thousand more smiles just like the ones you will see below.


Bringing Home Baby Brothers: Grant and Miles

The beginning of their lives may have been spent in the NICU for many weeks, but now they are home and this family is trying to find some normalcy again.  I know their momma is still figuring it all out, but she seemed to nearly have it mastered.  Juggling two tiny ones and a big 3 (almost 4) year-old brother cannot be easy, but Karen managed it all with so much grace.  She has a pretty great helper in her husband and together they worked to try and keep everyone happy, but even between the cries and the laughter they seemed to just enjoy being right where they were (are).  g+m(newborn)-048g+m(newborn)-050g+m(newborn)-052g+m(newborn)-060g+m(newborn)-053g+m(newborn)-063g+m(newborn)-025g+m(newborn)-028g+m(newborn)-041g+m(newborn)-070g+m(newborn)-285g+m(newborn)-020g+m(newborn)-010g+m(newborn)-006g+m(newborn)-069g+m(newborn)-082g+m(newborn)-100g+m(newborn)-106g+m(newborn)-119