Newborn Days {A Lifestyle Newborn Session}: Clare

Newborn Days…

Snuggles and coos, swaddled in soft, pretty blankets.

Skin smooth as silk,

Intoxicating new baby smells.

Tiny fingers and toes,

One perfect little nose.

Awake, asleep, awake, asleep.

Rocking, shushing, kissing, hugging,

Feeding, burping, changing.

These tender moments go so fast.

Hold on, take every second in.

Close your eyes, hold that little one tight;

Take a deep breath and begin it all again.


Cuyahoga Falls Home Birth: Anne Charlotte

Two Saturdays ago I was awoken in the middle of the night to my friend calling to tell me her sister was in labor. I had been looking forward to photographing my first home birth for quite awhile. The next call came at 5am saying I should hurry because they were going to break Bree’s water and it would probably go quickly. When I pulled up to the house I could hear those agonizing cries of labor pains. However, these were not just your normal labor pains, Breanne was already pushing! Her team of supporters began praying over her and just about 5 minutes later Anne Charlotte was born. This was an amazing experience for me and I’m so thankful they allowed me to document it. There are a ton of pictures in this post because I just couldn’t figure out how to tell the whole story without all of these. From the delivery at 5:34am to big brother waking up around 7:30am getting to meet his new little sister, it was a morning full of one beautiful moment after another. 12annechar-055annechar-0853annechar-1756547annechar-33289annechar-441

Backyard Birthday Party: Elise is 7

My sweet girl turned 7 years old on June 19 and we had such a great day celebrating her.  Our kids know they get a birthday party with friends every other year and Elise was more than ready for her turn.  Between friends she has been with since birth, church friends and school friends, she is surrounded by some of the sweetest girls. When I tucked Elise into bed later that night I asked her how her birthday was.  She responded with, “The best day EVER!” Nothing could have made my heart happier.


Our First Decade Together

This morning I woke up picturing how I woke up on our wedding day with the sun shining through the window and excited to marry my best friend. Today I am even more excited to be married to this man and I understand what it means even more to call him my best friend. God has brought us a long way in 10 years of marriage and I look forward to where he takes us in this next decade of life together.

We are heading to California next week for our first kid-free vacation to celebrate our anniversary!  If you want to follow our trip from L.A. to San Francisco, I post most of our life on Instagram (@jenclaytor) these days, so follow along if you want:)


Lake Forest Country Club: Jennifer’s 40th Birthday Surprise

What a pleasure it was to photograph this special 40th birthday party. Jennifer knew a party was being planned by her husband Mark, but some of it was a surprise to her. I think the moment she walked into a room full of close family and friends singing, “Happy Birthday” was a memory she won’t forget.  Jennifer has been battling cancer for a couple years, but the celebration of her life was something incredibly special.  She spoke about her faith in God in such a confident and assured way and friends and family attested to her faith in everything they had to say about her. It was very clear to me that she is a light to those around her and I pray that God continuous to fill her with a tremendous amount of peace, joy and hope. Happy Belated 40th Birthday, Jennifer!


Lifestyle Photography: Jake is 6 months old


Many people have asked me what lifestyle photography is and how it is different from what I did before.  My style hasn’t changed a whole lot really, but the focus of my sessions has.  This session is a pretty great example of what a session is like.  A lifestyle session captures what a family is all about.  These sessions can still take place outdoors doing something a family loves, but since we are currently living in an ice tundra, we took these inside their beautiful home.  I love to capture a whole lot of interaction.  I provide some direction on where to go as far as light and scenery, but its not a lot of posing or creating backdrops. I am fine trying to recreate something a client saw on Pinterest every now and then, but I love it when they trust my eye and allow the creative process to happen naturally.  My desire is to give my clients images that are unique to them and their experience.

We started with Jake in his bedroom to capture him where he was comfortable and with toys he was familiar with. His room also had great light!  He had his mom and dad playing with him and comforting him when he just wasn’t into the camera being in his face anymore.  These are the moments I love the most because they are just real emotions and genuine smiles.  One of my favorite moments from this session was when Jake’s dad got on the floor with him to play.  I can just imagine looking back on these photos years down the road and cherishing the moments captured.  Jake is one adorable brown-eyed baby boy and there is no doubt that he has two parents that are over the moon about him.  Enjoy the sweetness!


Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

This session is the most fun I have had in a while.  These boys were so excited to “play” baseball this past Monday morning and it was such a joy to watch them have a blast together. I just loved watching my boy come out of his shell and get down and dirty with his buddies.  And for me, it was a great reminder of the amazing mommies and friends I am surrounded by.  I’m so thankful for these friendships and I am so excited for the relationships these boys have with each other and will grow in the coming years. The shirts and hats these boys are wearing were made my talented friend, Mandy Skelly and the adorable cookies were made by her Aunt Martha Lander.  She shipped them to Ohio just for this fun occasion and the boys were crazy about them.  Nolan is still asking for more of those cookies.  I’m not sure if the boys enjoyed snack time or playing baseball more, but I’m pretty sure it was all a win in their books:)  Now please, enjoy some cuteness.


Aurora, Ohio Lifestyle Newborn Session: Elliott

This session is why I love lifestyle photography so much.  Elliott was sound asleep in his momma’s arms when I arrived.  After a few family pictures I thought we were safe to go in and put our focus just on Elliott.  Well, he was just not having it.  Anytime he was put down, he would wiggle and cry and when mom would pick him back up, he would snuggle in and be right back to sleep.  His mom even fed him a couple more times throughout our session to try and calm him down, but as soon as he was laid down, he was not happy.  I love this because I have a snuggly boy of my own and I’m pretty sure I don’t have many pictures of him just snuggling into me because I was always the one taking the pictures.  We may not have gotten the most perfect curled up pose with his baby bum in the air, but that is okay because this is their story…an energetic big sister who sings and dances loudly all over the house, yet gentle and caring when she gets to hold her brother, and a sweet little nugget who just wants to be held and feel safe in his momma’s arms.  Nothing is more precious to me to capture.


Kent, Ohio Newborn Session: Amelia

So much sweetness in this blog post.  Oh my goodness, little Amelia is just perfect.  Between her sweet, soft cheeks and lips to her big brother’s brilliant blue eyes, my heart could melt.  They are just beautiful creations. Lauren and Dave definitely have their hands full, but I know that no matter how much sleep they may be losing right now, they are enjoying loving on their beautiful kids knowing what true blessings they are:)


Akron, Ohio Newborn Session: Baby Jake

I’m so thankful for newborn sessions and the chance to get my baby fix:)  Jake is a such a sweetheart and it was clear his mommy and daddy love him so much.  They were so joyful and excited and I just loved hearing them gush over their baby boy the entire session.