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Bringing home a new baby is full of so many emotions. As a parent, the love you have for your children can be overwhelming. Sometimes you might feel as though your heart might explode as you watch your children grow in their love for one another. Parenting is not always easy as you wade through life with a new exhaustion. Life with two does not allow for as many adult naps as it did with one. Toddlers have an excess amount of energy and curiosity for life that you are still responsible for. These moments though, sitting together as a family, relishing those incredible snippets of joy and laughter, sweet kisses and hugs, these are the moments that make it worth it. Combine these moments with the sheer determination and endurance of a parent’s love and desire to give their children the world and you have the makings of a pretty sweet life.quinn-249quinn2quinn-267quinn-074quinn-009quinn-230quinn-089quinn-098quinn3quinn-152

Kent, Ohio Newborn Session: Amelia

So much sweetness in this blog post.  Oh my goodness, little Amelia is just perfect.  Between her sweet, soft cheeks and lips to her big brother’s brilliant blue eyes, my heart could melt.  They are just beautiful creations. Lauren and Dave definitely have their hands full, but I know that no matter how much sleep they may be losing right now, they are enjoying loving on their beautiful kids knowing what true blessings they are:)


Baby Cameron



Newborn session are always a little different when the baby is the second child.  Life is a little more chaotic because there is not only one child to gaze upon while she is sleeping and tend to when she is crying.  I love these sessions because I understand and I know exactly how the parents feel in this incredibly exhausting and emotionally exhilarating time.  But rest assured it is all worth it when you look at your sweet little blessings through your tired eyes from those sleepless nights and exhausting (most-times monotonous) days. Because seriously, more than anything, they teach you to love more than you ever thought you could and can grow in you a patience you never imagined you would need.


Baby Orlando

I love how God places special people in my life at certain times.  Over the past two months I have been blessed to get to know some wonderful women during a Monday night Bible study at my church.  Alana actually waved me over the first night to let me know there was an open seat at her table.  I hate walking into a room full of people by myself, so I was extremely grateful for her.  What a blessing it has been to get to know her during these last 10 weeks.  She is an incredibly strong woman and mother.  And the fact that she travelled to a family wedding in Florida mere weeks before her baby was due, shows how confident and strong she is.  We all told her she was going to have her baby while she was there and of course she did! (hence the name, Orlando)  He is a sweetheart who loves to sleep.  And who doesn’t love a sleepy, snuggling baby?


Newborn Baby Holden

Such a swaddled, little bundle of joy–Holden is just PRECIOUS. Big sister did not want to give up her time with mommy and daddy, but when she got to hold her new little brother, I watched her grew up a little bit.  I got to witness something so special.  And having a little girl and boy myself, I know that special bond these two are going to share.  Such sweet blessings.2221232417181920144532125679121011131516baby

Newborn Baby Emilia


Baby fever–that is all these newborn sessions are doing for me;)  Such sweetness.  It is always fun to capture bitty, sleeping babies, but those incredible moments between the entire family are my favorite.  I just love capturing those emotions because I hope that someday, years from now, when clients look back at their pictures, they can feel bits and pieces of those emotions all over again.

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Newborn Baby Kenzie

Just when you think a family couldn’t get any sweeter…


God goes and adds a third little beauty to the mix.  


I absolutely loved watching big sister take care of the newest, little Kenzie as if she was her own and sweet Griffin trying to figure out life now that he and his daddy were clearly outnumberd;)


Blessings to this sweet family!

Newborn Baby Chloe

Her momma was in labor for 44 hours after being induced past her due date.  Chloe knew where she was safest, but at last she decided to meet her parents face to face.  She is such a little beauty and it is so special to see friends become parents for the first time.  Watching them all interact…well, it was obvious they all completly adore one another.  Such special times and memories.