Cuyahoga Falls Home Birth: Anne Charlotte

Two Saturdays ago I was awoken in the middle of the night to my friend calling to tell me her sister was in labor. I had been looking forward to photographing my first home birth for quite awhile. The next call came at 5am saying I should hurry because they were going to break Bree’s water and it would probably go quickly. When I pulled up to the house I could hear those agonizing cries of labor pains. However, these were not just your normal labor pains, Breanne was already pushing! Her team of supporters began praying over her and just about 5 minutes later Anne Charlotte was born. This was an amazing experience for me and I’m so thankful they allowed me to document it. There are a ton of pictures in this post because I just couldn’t figure out how to tell the whole story without all of these. From the delivery at 5:34am to big brother waking up around 7:30am getting to meet his new little sister, it was a morning full of one beautiful moment after another. 12annechar-055annechar-0853annechar-1756547annechar-33289annechar-441

Backyard Birthday Party: Elise is 7

My sweet girl turned 7 years old on June 19 and we had such a great day celebrating her.  Our kids know they get a birthday party with friends every other year and Elise was more than ready for her turn.  Between friends she has been with since birth, church friends and school friends, she is surrounded by some of the sweetest girls. When I tucked Elise into bed later that night I asked her how her birthday was.  She responded with, “The best day EVER!” Nothing could have made my heart happier.


Akron, Ohio Newborn Session: Baby Jake

I’m so thankful for newborn sessions and the chance to get my baby fix:)  Jake is a such a sweetheart and it was clear his mommy and daddy love him so much.  They were so joyful and excited and I just loved hearing them gush over their baby boy the entire session.


Newborn Baby Holden

Such a swaddled, little bundle of joy–Holden is just PRECIOUS. Big sister did not want to give up her time with mommy and daddy, but when she got to hold her new little brother, I watched her grew up a little bit.  I got to witness something so special.  And having a little girl and boy myself, I know that special bond these two are going to share.  Such sweet blessings.2221232417181920144532125679121011131516baby