Hudson, Ohio Painting Party: Corks and Canvas

Painting parties are all the rage these days and for a good reason; they are a ton of fun! My friend, Holly, has the most impressive place to host painting parties and she is a phenomenal teacher. Her garage/barn provides a rustic and eclectic feel and you can always add your own decorations to accommodate whatever party you may be hosting there. From bridal showers, kids birthday parties, date nights, to you name it, Holly will go the extra mile to ensure your party is a success. This Fall she is starting something new by offering open paint nights, where you can grab a friend or two and come out to paint for $25 a person. Check out her Corks and Canvas Facebook page to contact her and find out more details. c&c-089-lowres2c&c-133-lowresc&c-020-lowresc&c-101-lowres1c&c-087-lowresc&c-126-lowresc&c-131-lowresc&c-080-lowresc&c-084-lowresc&c-109-lowresc&c-112-lowres

Backyard Birthday Party: Elise is 7

My sweet girl turned 7 years old on June 19 and we had such a great day celebrating her.  Our kids know they get a birthday party with friends every other year and Elise was more than ready for her turn.  Between friends she has been with since birth, church friends and school friends, she is surrounded by some of the sweetest girls. When I tucked Elise into bed later that night I asked her how her birthday was.  She responded with, “The best day EVER!” Nothing could have made my heart happier.


St. Joseph, Michigan Vacation: The Sines Family

Last weekend we headed off for vacation to St. Joseph, Michigan.  We were fortunate to share this trip with some amazing friends.  I love this family.  They are funny, serious, chaotic, sweet, real, and fun.  Life has been kind of a roller coaster for them the past two years, but I am loving watching how they have strapped in for the ride and take each moment as it comes at them, learning to laugh and have fun whatever comes their way.  They are such a beautiful family inside and out and we are so thankful to get to do life with them here in Ohio, in Michigan, or wherever the road may lead us next;)


Zeke’s Homecoming: A Beautiful Adoption Story

They started the process two years ago because they really felt God was leading them to adopt and expand their family of four.  Through different adoption agencies and contacts, they did all they could to make themselves available to welcome a child into their home.  Many different opportunities presented themselves along the way, but they only ended up in disappointment and frustration.  Right after Christmas this past year, they received a call saying they were matched up with not one, but two (a brother and sister) children and they were to bring them home a week later.  Our church family and many other wonderful people through Facebook rushed to get them set up with all they needed and this family drove four hours to bring these two children home.  But apparently this still was not the right time, because they returned home without the children and the social worker lost contact with the birth mother.  Even though they were devastated, they still really felt God was leading them to adopt and through the heartbreak they continued praying and trusting in Him. Two weeks ago, Lindsay and Scot flew to Texas because they had been paired with an 11-month-old boy.  It seemed like a long process as they were separated from their two children while they spent two full weeks waiting for all paper work to be cleared to bring Zeke home.  Today was the day their whole family would be together again!  Their story proves that our plans are never as grand as God’s plan for us and sometimes its worth the wait to lean on Him and let Him grow us through trying and uncertain times.  I was able to witness/experience the pure joy this family shared tonight.  Congratulations to our dear friends and their newest addition, Zeke.  His life will be forever changed in the best way possible because he now belongs to one of the most loving families I know.

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