Pokemon Party: Nolan’s 6th Birthday

This past weekend we celebrated Nolan’s 6th birthday with a Pokemon party. He was so excited before everyone arrived. All week long he asked, “How many days until my party?!” The party was so much fun, but my sweet, fun-loving boy deals with some serious social anxieties. As soon as we were gathered around a table and the focus was on him, he shut down. Now, I could still see glimpses of grins to know he was having fun, but he did not say a word to anyone.

You can see further down in the picture with his cupcakes that he turned around when everyone started singing. His friends had to blow his candles out for him. Some people may think my son is just being rude and that is ok because they don’t know him. And if I’m being honest, I’m still marveling in the miracle of him willingly walking into kindergarten every day without tears. He is comfortable with consistency and by consistency I mean he needs the same “constant” people in his every day life, such as the same Sunday school teacher each week or the same friends to play with etc.

As soon as we got outside and everyone dispersed for games, Nolan could breath again and he enjoyed moments with friends in smaller groups. Everyone had a blast hunting for Pokemon characters, doing a poke ball egg hunt and playing red-light, green-light while acting like a specific Pokemon character that was called out. Red-light, green-light was a hit so we came back out after dinner and cupcakes and played for 20 more minutes until all the parents arrived to pick everyone up. By this time, Nolan had warmed up to the party and was acting like his goofy self, which always helps me to relax and makes my heart smile.



Nolan, these past six years of life with you have been amazing. I love being your mom! I pray you will grow into a confident young man who knows there is a God who loves you no matter what, is with you always and is SO much BIGGER than your fears and anxieties. I can see your soul come to life when you are smiling and sharing your sweet personality with those around you. And let’s not forget your incredible laugh, the world needs to hear more of it. Happy Birthday, my sweet 6-year-old!


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