Our Kiddos {ages 7&4}

Tomorrow we start back to school and as I was thinking about what to do for first day of school pictures, I realized I never took pictures of our kids when they turned four and seven. Besides pictures on my iphone, I have not picked up my actual camera to take a picture of these two since this past Thanksgiving. I’m thankful the iphone has such a good camera on it to allow me to capture out every day lives, but it will never compare to my 5D Mark iii, especially if I want to print anything in large sizes to hang around our home. This is what we got in just under 10 minutes yesterday. I couldn’t be happier with these images and even though Nolan may be a bit goofy at this age, I wouldn’t have it any other way!E7+N4-052-lowres1E7+N4-068-lowres3E7+N4-086-lowres42E7+N4-012-lowresE7+N4-072-lowresE7+N4-091-lowres

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