Engagement Session: Courtney+Rick

Engagement sessions are just so fun for me. I love getting to know a couple better before their wedding day and these two are so relaxed and fun to hang out with. We started out at a Fireside Book Shop, a place Rick and Courtney frequent in downtown Chagrin Falls. After exploring the bookstore we headed to the wonderful Chagrin Falls Popcorn Shop and had fun getting some casual shots enjoying ice cream and popcorn before exploring more of downtown Chagrin Falls. And you just can’t leave this area without checking out the waterfall below the shops. I can’t wait for their wedding this September!C+R(engagement)-043C+R(engagement)-014C+R(engagement)-004C+R(engagement)-029C+R(engagement)-080-lowresC+R(engagement)-074-lowresC+R(engagement)-082-lowresC+R(engagement)-091-lowresC+R(engagement)-149-lowresC+R(engagement)-138-lowresC+R(engagement)-130-lowresC+R(engagement)-100-lowresC+R(engagement)-275-lowresC+R(engagement)-264-lowresC+R(engagement)-207-lowresC+R(engagement)-213-lowresC+R(engagement)-296-lowres

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