Happy 4th Birthday, Nolan!

Oh man, I can’t believe this kid is turning 4!  His third year of life, he was known for wearing his dinosaur costume everywhere and this year is one full of pajamas. I have to pin him down to get him into actual clothes, so most days he is in pajamas. I have learned to choose my battles when it comes to this boy. These pictures were taken a month ago and he is actually wearing four different pajama shirts. He kept pulling out pajamas he liked and couldn’t choose just one, so he just put one on top of another. And yes, we went to the library dressed liked this. The Stow Library is his absolute favorite place on earth because of the animal puppets they let you check out.







To the outside world he is extremely shy, quiet and probably doesn’t seem to have much of a voice. Those that he is close to and loves know him to have an ear piercing, high pitched squeal when he gets excited and he can talk so fast you can barely tell what he is saying. He is my stubborn boy, who keeps me on my toes, but snuggles me all day long.  He is a lover of all things animals and sings around the house whenever we are home.  I can’t wait to see what this next year in the life of Nolan holds.  He is an extraordinary adventure I am so thankful to be a part of.  Happy 4th Birthday, Nolan Maxwell Claytor!  You are loved.



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