Lifestyle Photography: Jake is 6 months old


Many people have asked me what lifestyle photography is and how it is different from what I did before.  My style hasn’t changed a whole lot really, but the focus of my sessions has.  This session is a pretty great example of what a session is like.  A lifestyle session captures what a family is all about.  These sessions can still take place outdoors doing something a family loves, but since we are currently living in an ice tundra, we took these inside their beautiful home.  I love to capture a whole lot of interaction.  I provide some direction on where to go as far as light and scenery, but its not a lot of posing or creating backdrops. I am fine trying to recreate something a client saw on Pinterest every now and then, but I love it when they trust my eye and allow the creative process to happen naturally.  My desire is to give my clients images that are unique to them and their experience.

We started with Jake in his bedroom to capture him where he was comfortable and with toys he was familiar with. His room also had great light!  He had his mom and dad playing with him and comforting him when he just wasn’t into the camera being in his face anymore.  These are the moments I love the most because they are just real emotions and genuine smiles.  One of my favorite moments from this session was when Jake’s dad got on the floor with him to play.  I can just imagine looking back on these photos years down the road and cherishing the moments captured.  Jake is one adorable brown-eyed baby boy and there is no doubt that he has two parents that are over the moon about him.  Enjoy the sweetness!


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