New Year’s Eve Wedding: Frank+Mary Lou

Let me just start out by telling you that New Year’s Eve weddings are a ton of fun! Everyone loves to party at a wedding and on New Year’s Eve, so it is just brilliant to combine the two events. The day started off at Primp Parlour in Macedonia (cutest little salon I’ve ever seen). Love, love, loved the robes the girls were wearing and it was fun to sit back and watch everyone get ready. Then we headed off to Signature of Solon Country Club to get ready. Credit for the beautiful flower arrangements goes to Baumann’s Florist of Stow. Once everyone was dressed in their wedding attire, Frank and Mary Lou delivered letters to each other before heading off to see one another for the first time. It never gets old watching a bride and groom see each other for the first time. Precious.

I loved that Mary Lou was going to get outdoor pictures no matter what, I mean, I’m all for it! We had pretty mild weather through Christmas, but New Year’s Eve was so cold it took my breath away. We worked as quickly as we could and then raced back inside to do a few more photos and we were off to Hudson for the ceremony at Christ Community Chapel. The ceremony was lovely and simple and then we were on our way back to Solon to celebrate the night away! Blessings to this incredibly sweet couple. It was such a pleasure to document your wedding day.          ~Jen   1234235687111213161514171819202122

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