A Christmas Poem For You

       A Christmas Poem For You

The presents are unwrapped and we are eating a TON,

Time with family is what we are enjoying for they are lots of fun.

People are napping on every couch in each room,

For no one wants to get back to work anytime soon.

You all have helped to make 2014 a super great year,

So we wanted to send a Merry Christmas message to spread some good cheer.

Enjoy your time with family and friends,

And know we appreciate your business again and again.

Capturing your story from new births to wedding day smiles,

Is worth the hours of editing and time spent exporting big files.

Look back through your memories of this year and past,

Remember each blessing and how the memories go SO fast…

And never forget that only a picture can really make them last:)

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2015!


The Claytor Family

Jonathan, Jen, Elise and Nolan






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