Cleveland Wedding: Kyle + Nicole

Kyle and Nicole had an absolute beautiful day for their wedding.  Their ceremony was at Ss. Robert and William Parish in Euclid and then we headed to the Lakefront to take some bridal party photos before heading to Windows on the River for the reception.  The wind was crazy, but the scenery was incredible and I just loved getting to capture the bride and groom in that setting.  Nicole’s dress was gorgeous.  She said it wasn’t what she had pictured, but her sister made her try it on and then there was no going back.  I thanked her sister for making her try it on because she looked stunning in it.  Not to mention watching it blow in the wind at the lakefront…I was flipping out ecstatic at the images in camera!

Everything about this day was simple, elegant and beautiful.  But, the thing that stuck out most to me was the strong family bonds.  Most wedding days are obviously about the bride and groom, and this one was too, but more so about the celebration as a family.  This was not a day all about the bride.  Nicole was thinking about everyone else.  She was thinking about Kyle when she decided to surprise him with a wedding cake that looked like a Stanley Cup.  And I’m not talking about a typical groom’s cake that a lot of people do.  This was their entire wedding cake.  You will see below Kyle’s reaction.  Not that he didn’t already know he chose an amazing woman to be his wife, but I’m pretty sure this reassured him he picked a winner. There were so many little things planned from surprising the bride’s grandparents with an anniversary dance to the yellow bracelets that everyone wore to show support to a family member battling cancer.  Oh and Kyle, his brother and his dad all have the same wedding band.  How cool is that?! It was a celebration of the joining of two families and it was one of the most joyful and beautiful celebrations I have ever witnessed.  Kyle and Nicole, thank you for allowing me to capture special moments from your wedding day and I wish you both so much happiness.    ~Jen


3 thoughts on “Cleveland Wedding: Kyle + Nicole

  1. what beautiful pictures so sorry I wasn’t able to be there but seeing these pictures kind of mad me feel as if I WAS Love to both of you Aunt Louise

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