Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

This session is the most fun I have had in a while.  These boys were so excited to “play” baseball this past Monday morning and it was such a joy to watch them have a blast together. I just loved watching my boy come out of his shell and get down and dirty with his buddies.  And for me, it was a great reminder of the amazing mommies and friends I am surrounded by.  I’m so thankful for these friendships and I am so excited for the relationships these boys have with each other and will grow in the coming years. The shirts and hats these boys are wearing were made my talented friend, Mandy Skelly and the adorable cookies were made by her Aunt Martha Lander.  She shipped them to Ohio just for this fun occasion and the boys were crazy about them.  Nolan is still asking for more of those cookies.  I’m not sure if the boys enjoyed snack time or playing baseball more, but I’m pretty sure it was all a win in their books:)  Now please, enjoy some cuteness.


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