Aurora, Ohio Lifestyle Newborn Session: Elliott

This session is why I love lifestyle photography so much.  Elliott was sound asleep in his momma’s arms when I arrived.  After a few family pictures I thought we were safe to go in and put our focus just on Elliott.  Well, he was just not having it.  Anytime he was put down, he would wiggle and cry and when mom would pick him back up, he would snuggle in and be right back to sleep.  His mom even fed him a couple more times throughout our session to try and calm him down, but as soon as he was laid down, he was not happy.  I love this because I have a snuggly boy of my own and I’m pretty sure I don’t have many pictures of him just snuggling into me because I was always the one taking the pictures.  We may not have gotten the most perfect curled up pose with his baby bum in the air, but that is okay because this is their story…an energetic big sister who sings and dances loudly all over the house, yet gentle and caring when she gets to hold her brother, and a sweet little nugget who just wants to be held and feel safe in his momma’s arms.  Nothing is more precious to me to capture.


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