Allardale Park Wedding: Joe + Tess

From getting ready at her aunt’s picturesque house to the ceremony and reception at Allardale Park, Tess had every detail perfectly planned out for her wedding.  She thought of every little thing, including fun surprise signs for her daughter’s to hold coming down the aisle.  I love the 1920’s styled theme she chose and how her dress went along perfectly with it all.  Tess was gorgeous and her daughters were just as beautiful with their beaming smiles all day long.  It was clear that they were very excited for this day and they were having a ball.  Tess and Joe are clearly loved and supported by some amazing friends, as so many people travelled all the way from Florida with them to celebrate this day.  Tess, thank you so much for asking me to capture your day and I wish you, Joe, and your amazing daughters all the best in this life together.  ~Jen

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