Hudson, Ohio Wedding: Jared + Megan

So far we have had a pretty mild summer, with the exception of a few very hot and humid days.  Jared and Megan just happened to get married on one of those days at the end of June.  Thank goodness the festivities were inside!  Everything was just beautiful.  Megan’s dress felt like it weighed 50 pounds, so it was hard to even hang up, but I’m actually glad because  I love this shot below.  And Megan, you looked so gorgeous in it!


Baumann’s Florist did an incredible job on the flowers.  Just stunning.


Jared, you are just too sweet for words.  I loved watching you all day as you loved on and took care of your bride.


Then we were off to Western Reserve Academy and downtown Hudson for pictures.  We were so very thankful for the shade and the slight cool breezes blowing through.


And of course we have to have a little fun.  Their dancing skills improved from their engagement session ;);)


Then we headed off to the reception!


The Country Club of Hudson was the perfect venue for this couple.


Jared dropped some cake down Megan’s dress, so of course she was going to get him back:)



Congratulations, Jared and Megan!  I loved your wedding, but I loved watching the two of you interact more than anything.  You make such a great team and I wish you all the best.


2 thoughts on “Hudson, Ohio Wedding: Jared + Megan

  1. It was such an honor to be a guest at Jared and Megan’s wedding. The ceremony and reception were full of love, laughter, tears, fun and joy! You’ve perfectly captured all of that in your photographs! Well done!

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