Hudson, Ohio Family Session: Little Miss Fiona

I just have to tell you that I am loving these images as a whole story.  The main goal of this session was to capture Fiona at age two and that just would not be possible without her two favorite people, Mom and Dad.  She was very hesitant to be away from her mommy and it wasn’t until the bubbles came out that she really got excited.  She played, she snuggled, she laughed, and I really enjoyed watching her explore the world around her.  Once she felt safe with me, she was all sorts of goofy and I loved every bit of it.  I was merely there to follow this sweetie pie around and capture what life looks like to her at the sweet little age of two and what a fun age it is!fiona2yr-1402-lowresfiona2yr-1407-lowresfiona2yr-1382-lowresfiona2yr-1469-lowresfiona2yr-1362-lowresfiona2yr-1419-lowres1fiona2yr-1595-lowresfiona2yr-1545-lowres23fiona2yr-1601-lowresfiona2yr-1604-lowres

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