Bringing Home Baby Brothers: Grant and Miles

The beginning of their lives may have been spent in the NICU for many weeks, but now they are home and this family is trying to find some normalcy again.  I know their momma is still figuring it all out, but she seemed to nearly have it mastered.  Juggling two tiny ones and a big 3 (almost 4) year-old brother cannot be easy, but Karen managed it all with so much grace.  She has a pretty great helper in her husband and together they worked to try and keep everyone happy, but even between the cries and the laughter they seemed to just enjoy being right where they were (are).  g+m(newborn)-048g+m(newborn)-050g+m(newborn)-052g+m(newborn)-060g+m(newborn)-053g+m(newborn)-063g+m(newborn)-025g+m(newborn)-028g+m(newborn)-041g+m(newborn)-070g+m(newborn)-285g+m(newborn)-020g+m(newborn)-010g+m(newborn)-006g+m(newborn)-069g+m(newborn)-082g+m(newborn)-100g+m(newborn)-106g+m(newborn)-119

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