Happy 6th Birthday to Our Girl!


I was up until midnight last night, which was the time I woke up 6 years ago in labor with my sweet Elise.  I went to bed thanking God for the precious gift she is to us and praying for the life ahead of her.  Birthdays are so special to me as a mom because I can remember vividly the day my children came into the world and I love to think back on them when their birthdays roll around.  Not that I’m not thankful all the time, but these days I’m fully reminded to celebrate their life and the unique person God created them to be.

I’m so happy to be celebrating our creative, tender-hearted, happy girl.  She is an artist/veterinarian/rockstar/teacher wannabe and is an amazing big sister. Nolan has been a grump pretty much all week.  However, when his sister walked into his room this morning to wake him up and tell him the great news that it was her birthday, he was all smiles.  We are all excited to celebrate such an incredible girl.  I couldn’t be more proud to be her mommy.

6thbday-003-lowres 6thbday-005-lowres 6thbday-006-lowres 6thbday-007-lowres

6thbday-008-lowres 6thbday-009-lowres 6thbday-010-lowres 6thbday-012-lowres

Whose birthday is it?!?!

6thbday-021-lowres 6thbday-017-lowres6thbday-019-lowres6thbday-024-lowres

Elise, we love you so incredibly much.

Happy Birthday to our sweet girl!



Mom and Dad

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