Something You Should Know

So many thoughts have been running through my head lately.  Life is so busy and no matter who you meet, every single person has their own bag of problems, time commitments and things that make them feel disconnected.  I have been thinking about how we were made for so much more than all of this.  If you are feeling pulled in many directions and worn out, please take a listen to my current favorite song.  Kari Jobe’s, “My Beloved” speaks right to my soul.  For me, its like a love song straight from God himself.  I need the reminder of these lyrics often.  I am incredibly loved by an amazing Heavenly Father.  We all are and He wants us to find rest in Him.  So, take 5 minutes and lock yourself in the bathroom and click the link below.  Let Him restore your soul. These pictures of my daughter are a reminder to me of how God sees, not only my beautiful girl, but also me.  I am His child, just as she is mine and if I can remember how much greater His love is for His children, far beyond what I feel for my precious ones; well, then that is enough to give my heart some peace.  Enjoy:)



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