My Sleeping Beauties

I know I’ve posted before about how much I love to capture my kids sleeping, but today was special because they were napping together. Snow days were made to snuggle up, so that is just what we did and will continue to do the rest of today.  If you haven’t taken a picture of your little one sleeping since they were a baby, grab your camera one day during naptime.  Turn off your flash and put your camera into manual mode. Crank your ISO and adjust your shutter speed.  You can probably go down to 1/40 of a second if you need to.  They are not moving so you can get away with a really slow shutter speed.  Then shoot as wide open as you can, meaning make sure your aperture is set on the lowest number possible.  With my lens I can go to F1.4, but for most I’m guessing F4 is going to be your widest. You will have plenty of noise in your picture, but I promise you won’t regret it.  Take some time to just sit and stare at your sweet images and then mess around with some editing if you choose.  It sure does this mamma’s heart all sorts of good:)


Sweet Dreams,



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