Boston Mills Engagement Session: Megan+Jared

We went to the place where he proposed and had fun exploring and getting a in a few dance lessons;)   For their save the date cards, we incorporated their shared sport of golf and now we were going to capture their shared love of skiing (as much as we could in October) as well.  I’m a big fan of how these two tried to incorporate things that are important to them in their pictures.  And now that I know it is illegal (and highly dangerous) to take pictures on train tracks, the few pictures below will be the last pictures you will see from me with people actually on them.  Thanks for being such a fun couple to capture, Megan and Jared!m+j(engagement)-059m+j(engagement)-081m+j(engagement)-020m+j(engagement)-013m+j(engagement)-101m+j(engagement)-117m+j(engagement)-131m+j(engagement)-134m+j(engagement)-143m+j(engagement)-108m+j(engagement)-152m+j(engagement)-163m+j(engagement)-168m+j(engagement)-211m+j(engagement)-207m+j(engagement)-213m+j(engagement)-174m+j(engagement)-196m+j(engagement)-180m+j(engagement)-173m+j(engagement)-326m+j(engagement)-332m+j(engagement)-341m+j(engagement)-240m+j(engagement)-278

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