Life Lately


Crazy.  That describes what has been going on over here in Claytor Land the past couple of months.  In fact, life has seemed quite the opposite of the image above.  If you follow along on the blog soley, you have probably been wondering why in the world I haven’t posted lately.  Well, here is a recap of our lives that past couple of months.

Our firstborn started kindergarten, the busiest photography season EVER began, we sold our house, my husband went on a mission trip to Mexico for a week, he got back and I broke my foot, that same week we officially opened the new building for our church home (the Stow campus of Christ Community Chapel).   Meanwhile, we have been frantically looking for our new home with no luck.  Needless to say, I have gotten very behind on photo editing and blogging fell to the very bottom of any to-do list.  We are going to be moving in a couple weeks and thankfully we have friends who are willing to rent their old house to us for awhile.  While life around us seems a little crazy lately, we are holding onto living a little more simply in the next few months and really focusing on time together (because we have been lacking that).

I will not be scheduling any sessions in December so that my children do not start to resent this photography thing.  Our poor kiddos have been holding on tightly during this whirlwind-of-a-ride we have been on and I so badly want to focus on what is most important during the Christmas season.  I feel like I am starting to be able to breath again and even though we have not found our next home, I know that God will provide and that as long as we are together, there isn’t really anything else we need.

And now that I can breathe again, I plan on trying to catch up on here and blog all the wonderful weddings, family, engagement, and newborn sessions I have had the pleasure of capturing this year.


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