Elise’s first day of kindergarten


This morning I heard some stirring upstairs, but I waited five minutes before going up just to make sure she was really awake.  I saw the bathroom light on as I walked up the stairs and when I peeked in, there she was.  My little girl was looking so grown up this morning.   She was all dressed in the outfit she had me lay out on her bed last night.  Her headband was in place and she was just finishing brushing her teeth.  The time was 7:05 AM.  She was ready.


So excited for this new adventure ahead of her, she couldn’t stop smiling.  And yes, she knew exactly where she wanted me to take her pictures.  “Im ready for my picture, Mom!”


I’m so glad I got all my crying out in the days leading up to now because it was the “I went through a box of kleenex” type of crying.  Today I did pretty well, holding it together for my sweet girl.  I knew that if she saw me sobbing my eyes out she would be sad for me and then not be so sure about leaving for school.  She is just like her momma…super-sensitive and highly emotional;)


So off we went.  We had to walk to school today, so that we could have as much time with her as possible.  Walking and talking all the way about what the day was going to hold.


I’m so thankful for the past five years I have had at home with this amazing, little girl- all to myself.  She has such a big heart and her excitement for life leaves me in awe of her.  I can’t wait to hear all of her stories when she gets home today.  And you can be sure we will be counting down the hours until we can go pick her up.  Bittersweet memories.


One thought on “Elise’s first day of kindergarten

  1. Love this. The photos are great. She looks like she is ready to take on the world. Your blog always gets me thinking about what I have to look forward to with my girls. Good luck with this big transition!

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