Newborn Baby Emilia


Baby fever–that is all these newborn sessions are doing for me;)  Such sweetness.  It is always fun to capture bitty, sleeping babies, but those incredible moments between the entire family are my favorite.  I just love capturing those emotions because I hope that someday, years from now, when clients look back at their pictures, they can feel bits and pieces of those emotions all over again.

emiliaclaire-003-lowres emiliaclaire-030-lowres emiliaclaire-039-lowres emiliaclaire-068-lowres emiliaclaire-090-lowres emiliaclaire-124-lowres emiliaclaire-153-lowres emiliaclaire-156-lowres emiliaclaire-158-lowres emiliaclaire-164-lowres emiliaclaire-167-lowres emiliaclaire-172-lowres emiliaclaire-187-lowres emiliaclaire-224-lowres emiliaclaire-261-lowres emiliaclaire-273-lowres emiliaclaire-302-lowres emiliaclaire-337-lowres emiliaclaire-418-lowres



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