Adventures in Kite Flying (and mud puddles)


I love the excitement from the kids as we got ready to fly our kites, but the wind was crazy that day and the kites were not taking flight.  You will see in the next few photos how things took an unexpected turn.ImageImageImage

You see, I started taking pictures of the sky and it wasn’t until my daughter started screaming that I figured out what was going on.


Elise managed to get her kite in the air for a brief time and meanwhile Nolan was stripping off his mudding clothing.  My son does not like to be dirty.  But I loved what happened next because I can’t imagine a more fun way to capture a little boy than naked, dirty and running free in an open field.


Nolan showed us his belly so he wanted to see his sissy’s belly too.


I can’t imagine a better shot to capture the end of our adventure;)

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