He Makes Beautiful Things (a unique maternity session)

I wasn’t quite sure when she told me they wanted to take pictures at a breakfast restaurant, and the that the other setting was going to be the new addition on their house.  Oh, and that it was still under construction.  But hey, they are both artistic people so I went with it;) Seriously, you should see Dayna’s paintings…incredible! 

When they explained to me that their special thing is to go out to breakfast together, I immediately got it. They knew that once their sweet little one arrived these breakfast dates might be few and far between, so they wanted to capture that special time they shared.  


I loved the way Cory was just watching Dayna and smiling while I was taking her picture and the calmness that surrounded the two.  They were fully enjoying this fun time together and the mounds of food they were about to partake in;)







Cory and Dana are in the midst of building an addition onto their one bedroom home to make room for the baby and it is going to be really nice.




Can you guess what they are naming their little girl?  And remember when I told you they were artistic people?  Well, check out the wall they painted in Esther’s nursery below.  I love the colors and I absolutely loved capturing Cory and Dayna in this exciting and special time in their life.


Ahhhh, sweet anticipation:)

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