My Favorite Blue-Eyed Boy

I heard him giggling as he came out of his bedroom.  He was clearly proud of himself for something. As I peaked around the corner, the first thing I saw was his sister’s slippers.  I immediately asked if she put her slippers on her brother and her answer was no.  I looked back at him and he was grinning behind that pacifier of his.  He was pretty proud he put them on all by himself.  I’m having a hard time letting him grow up and I can’t believe that he will be two years old next month.  It really does go so fast!  But for now I am glad to capture my blue-eyed, little boy just as he is.  Despite his father’s disapproval to wearing his sister’s slippers or high heeled dress up shoes around the house, I’m certain he will grow out of it, so for now I’ll let him have some fun;)


Because even more than his sister’s shoes, this boy loves animals…especially lions.  You will often find him lugging as many animals as he can all over the place.


And if you take his paci out and pretend to suck on it yourself…well, then you get the most wonderful big-boy grin a mom could ever ask for.



Enjoy the simple, everyday moments!


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