Cuties and Cupcakes

My daughter’s friend, Lauren had been asking her mom to have a tea party with her friends for quite awhile so her mom called up Main Street Cupcakes to see what we could do there.  She found out that they do cupcake parties.  They provided drinks, cupcakes, frosting and sprinkles for $5 a person and we had 30 minutes fun.  We all seriously had such a delightful time. From the excitement on their faces of showing each other their fancy dresses, to the hugging (I mean, lots of hugging), to the fun of decorating and all of the laughter, giggles, smiles and joy shared in between…I highly recommend setting up a cupcake decorating party for yourself at Main Street Cupcakes in downtown Hudson.   I love that these are special memories these sweet friends will share for a long, long time.


Hope you enjoyed some sweetness today!


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