What We’re doing this Valentine’s Day


God moves in all of us, in little ways and in big ways.  We have a choice to tune into what He is leading us to do or keep continuing down our own, self sufficient path.  For awhile I felt a nudge to do something with this gift He has given me, I just wasn’t exactly sure what I was to do.   Then one Sunday our pastor was talking about being a bridge to the world and through the whole sermon I felt God nudging me even more.  I went home and told my husband that I wanted to set aside a day to take pictures of kids to raise money for an organization called Destiny Rescue. He was all for it, so we put the plan into action and the next Saturday we had 30 different families come through our house to have Valentine pictures taken and to donate to help rescue a girl out of sex slavery in Thailand.  


The thing with allowing God to work in you and putting His plan into action…is that if you don’t, nothing horrible may happen, but if you DO something extraordinary always will.  I don’t think the events of the day were coincidence at all.  I believe He had his hand in every aspect of this mission, from moving so many of you to give, down to every little detail of the day.  


My friend Melanie baked 5 dozen cupcakes and my friend Holly brought her beautifully decorated cookies to share.  My husband was able to be by my side all day helping because our friend Mandy took our kids for the entire day and another friend, Devon, watched our dog.  Many people emailed asking how they could help us out and the response was overwhelming.  We are grateful for all of you for praying, for giving and for donating your time.  


Because of everyone’s help the day was so calm and everything ran smoothly.  Half way through the day we had a little lunch break and checked our mail.  It was no coincidence that the 2012 newsletter for Destiny Rescue came that day.  I sat down to read it and my husband was tallying up the donations we had received so far…$1500.  Enough to rescue one girl.  God was clearly showing us that he can do mighty things and that He had this all planned long before it was a thought in my mind.  


At the end of the day it was quite obvious we had raised more than our goal.  With another outside donation we were extrememly close to having enough to rescue two girls.  And then this past week my friend, Hannah texted me that the Thrity-One party she was hosting to raise money for this cause had closed and the amount she made on commission was the exact amount we needed to reach $3000.  People write off so many things as coincidence these days.  We are not familiar to opening our eyes to real ways that God is working.  I know He had two special girls in mind before we ever started this project and in two short weeks, together, we were all able to raise enough money to rescue not just one, but two girls!  We couldn’t be more excited to send this money on its way to help get these girls out of a life of hell.  


If you have time to read this rescue story, please do.  I couldn’t make it through without crying, but I am so hopeful for these girls because of Destiny Rescue.


Thank you all for allowing God to move in you as well.  I love looking through the pictures of all the families that came out to help on February 2nd.  The love is evident and these serve as such a great reminder of how Awesome our God is. 


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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