Daddy-Daughter Date

Today is a special day because today my daughter gets to go on a date with her Daddy.  She was so excited last night and was jumping up and down shouting, “Tomorrow is daddy-daughter date!” She then told me she needed to look fancy for it, so she started dressing up in her princess dresses and telling me she needed makeup on.  I sadly had to remind her the date was not until tomorrow. The poor girl couldn’t go to sleep because she was too busy laying in bed squealing and kicking her legs in pure joy at the thought of her fun day ahead.  I love that she looks so forward to her special time with her daddy.  I told her I wished I was the special girl going on the date, but she reminded me that I needed to stay home:)  As Jonathan was getting ready for the date we were all in the bedroom together and you could see how excited Elise was.  She got a good tickle session from her father (as fathers do best) and then climbing all over him.  I’m pretty sure it does not matter if the movie they are going to see is any good because I know she feels special to be going out with her daddy all by herself and that is what matters most.



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