Like a baby

Lately, I have been pretty emotional about the fact that my baby boy is getting closer and closer to turning a year old.  I think back to my daughter as an infant and I can hardly remember what it was like.  I know they can’t stay little forever, but I think I would be ok if Nolan could stay a baby for a little while longer.  The lack of sleep that has come with his teething and various illnesses has been wearing me out, but I know that with a blink of an eye I will be nudging him to wake up for school. Even when I am completely worn out as a stay-at-home mom, watching my baby sleep can bring a complete sense of peace over me.  I just feel so incredibly blessed to hold two incredible little human beings in my arms every day and to nurture them into the wonderful adults I pray they will be some day.  I think I could look at these pictures forever…and I think I will.



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