The Last Snow

Happy Monday, Everyone!  When I woke up to a fresh blanket of snow this morning, I have to admit my heart dropped a little.  Then I saw the sun shining through and I knew I had to go outside and take some pictures. Snow+sunshine=GLORIOUS!  Plus, knowing that this will be our last snow (knock on wood) helps me to enjoy it that much more.  Maybe it won’t be, but I am almost certain that it is and that spring is right around the corner.  The days of walking the dog, playing outside and having endless activities is drawing near, so I might as well enjoy the day indoors playing with my kids. Soon there won’t be much keeping us in.  What an amazing winter we have had and I don’t think Northeast Ohio has ever seen this much sun between November and March, well not since I have lived here anyway:)  Enjoy your day!


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